Thursday, 9 August 2012

Writer in Residence

Recession - what recession? The world is going to the dogs but Writing on the Wall is running like the Usain Bolt of the Writing Olympics (not too far fetched as metaphors go - literature was an Olympic discipline up until 1948, although no gold medals were awarded!) and has just announced that it is going to employ a Writer in Residence from September 2012 until March 2013, with a big chance that the post will be extended. The best Writer in Residence post I've ever heard of was based in a hotel in Dubhai. The writer received a beautiful room, all meals and drinks, and only had to deliver one workshop and read out one of their own pieces of three months! You may have worked it out by now, but if you haven't, then I'm sorry to say that our Writer in Residence post ain't going to be quite like that. We can't even guarantee any sunshine, for chrissakes. But still, we want it all - a good writer, someone who can inspire new writers, support them and help them get their work up to the highest standard, who is active and can engage with local communities and diverse audiences, and someone, we hope, who can also use this opportunity to develop their own writing. We want a writing champion - medals or not, who can catch our spirit and match our ambitions. This is a point we have worked so hard to get to, and we're immensely proud that we will be stepping up our work in developing new work and hopefully, as we did with 'Disappearing Home' author and Pulp Idol finalists, Debbie Morgan, helping new writers get published. WoW are launching a whole bunch of new initiatives, including 'What's Your Story?' and 'Ink in the Sink', which our new Writer in Residence' will play a big part in developing. All details can be found by clicking here or emailing WoW at
What a job - I'd apply myself, but sometimes I like to give others a chance.....

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