Monday, 18 March 2013

*Guest Blog* - Sue Douglas

Sometimes life throws you a chance that you can’t ignore. ‘What’s Your Story?’ was that chance so I grabbed it and joined the group.  The thing about writing is that I didn’t know where to start. I’ve spent a lifetime writing letters and emails, delivering reports and so on, but they tend to be factual - leaving little or no room for imagination or creativity.   One thing I do know is that whether you like it or not it’s inevitable that as time goes by you become a store-house for the many experiences, sounds and images that make up your life, and suddenly you are someone who needs to shape and share some of those ideas and stories before it’s too late!  But WYS? isn’t necessarily about being older or telling your own story. The age-range of our group is w-i-d-ethe starting-points varied, and I feel refreshed and encouraged by being in such great company.  Paula and the group are taking me down a track that is extending my outlook, developing my ideas and helping me to become more confident about setting down my thoughts and ideas.  Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry! It’s fun, cathartic and a great, new learning experience.  Last week I wrote a poem! Whatever next?

Sue Douglas

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