Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Mandy Coe: 'Inspired by a leap of faith on a community course'

Mandy Coe is a prize-winning poet and author of six books. Read her thoughts about the course! Check out her website here: www.mandycoe.com

I'm on the 82 bus, off to Toxteth Library and one of my favourite jobs delivering sessions with WoW on the 'Write to Work' course. 

This is how I became a published writer; inspired by a leap of faith on a community course for the unemployed in Liverpool 27 years ago. WoW has built on this idea of continuous learning by creating opportunities to learn and share new skills (and make new friends along the way).

Becoming a poet has allowed me to travel the UK working with universities, community groups and inner-city projects, it has meant publications and collaborations with Book Trust, the BBC and the Poetry School and many inspiring writers. I regularly send thanks up for that original course and am so glad to help Write to Work carry on the tradition. 

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