Thursday, 19 April 2012

Achtung Antiques

Who would have thought that the NF had such a sense of humour? I opened Peter (So insignificant he's named himself after the shop he used to own) Quiggins' page in the Mayor manifestos and laughed out loud. Besides the usual nonsense of their 'manifesto' he talks about how the NF celebrate the 'friendliness' of Liverpool - this if from the guy who was on the emailing list of Norway's mass murderer Anders Breivek (According to the Liverpool Echo he refuses to discuss why he's on the list), and who is standing for one of the least friendliest parties ever - unless you're pure Aryan I imagine. Not too happy about him wanting to get rid of Festivals like Writing on the Wall, but pleased he's angry enough to want to, and I'm looking forward to his festival - Morris Dancing ahoy, I imagine. Bet all those fabulous young people, Goths, etc. who campaigned for Quiggins before Peter Q revealed himself, won't be going to it.

If you really want to know something about Multiculturalism, catch Benjamin Zephaniah at WoW, Tuesday 1st May, 7.30pm, St Georges Hall. Tickets available at

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