Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Another Hunt to bite the dust?

The Murdoch family really are the gift that keeps on giving. At yesterday's appearance at the Leveson Inquiry into Phone Hacking, James Murdoch, son of the cream cake dodging uber media magnate, Rubert, pretty much served up Culture Sectretary Jeremy Hunt on a plate. For now his advisor, Adam Smith, has fallen (been pushed) onto his sword, but whatever happened to 'Advisors advise, Ministers decide'? Surely Hunt too will fall within the next few days. The question must be asked - just how far up the chain does this collusion between the Tories and Murdoch go? The answer is simple - all the way to the very top. How far does knowledge of the phone hacking go? Again, all the way to the top. No doubt. I can't wait to hear from Tom watson MP.  You can keep up to date with Tom's stuff at his website,, but you can hear it directly from him and Rebecca Leighton the nurse falsely accused of murder and vilified by The Daily Mail when they speak at the WoW Festival on Sunday 13th May at The Black-E.

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