Tuesday, 1 May 2012

We are Sailing...

So, after months of trimming the gibbets, scrubbing the sails and polishing the deck (I know, easy to tell I'm really a land-lubber), the good ship WoW finally set sail on Saturday with a launch party on a Tall-Ship we comandeered just for the occasion.

Thanks go out to Cap'n Liam and his merry crew on the Stavros S Niarchos from Cap'n Mad (pictured) and her Motley Crue at WoW for ensuring that it was a smooth send off (Up until we hit Peter Kavanagh's, but that's another story). 

We press-ganged, sorry, were joined on board, by a couple of superb performers, including Jess Green, Sarah McLennan and, performing her specially written piece for the launch, Below Decks, the one and only, with a wig like a Xmas Tree, Julie McNamara. Great performances all round were met with great applause and calls for more and more rum, and that was just from Cap'n Mad.

Top prize for fancy dress go to the newly-wedded Captain Dan and First Mate Cal, with Paul J a close runner up (!). Arts Council Rep, Alison Boyle, sent us on our way with a merry wave and we sailed into the sunset with a...No, not really - they kicked us off at 9.30pm (The hardy crew of the Stavros were sailing at 6 the next morning), so we spent our shore-leave pay on grog and smokes and women a'plenty, and other illicit cargoes in PK's and a mysterious house in a south end park, and the rest we just wasted.

And so we begin tonight with the Rebel Rant of Benjamin Zephaniah and sail right on throughout May with words a plenty. There's still time to get on board, just check out the programme and apply for a boarding pass. The big question isn't, which events are you going to, the questions is, which ones do you dare to miss?

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