Tuesday, 22 May 2012

So many events & so little time...

It has to be one of WoW's greatest achievements getting four generations of the Garrett family to our event to launch the George Garrett Archive Project. We covered a lot of ground witht he speakers, Tony Wailey, Frank Boyce and Ken Worpole discussing different aspects of his life and work, but the highlight really was in the discussions with his family afterwards, some of  whom had travelled over from Sheffield for the event, and gleaning bits of information to follow up for the future. Well done to them, and it bodes well for the project over the coming year.

Are we done with the Titanic? Titanic fatigue? It's possible, and even likely judging by one email we received this week, and accordingly we have shifted our event to the Bluecoat and reduced the ticket price. But, if you have some interest still, then you won't want to miss this one - brilliant writers at the event, which really is a one-off.

Waiting for brando is a complete sell-out (some say they sold out some time ago cheeky), which is great for the show and lousy for all those promised comps who aren't going to get them, but such is life. We'll let you see some of the reviews as there's no point in me writing one as I am unashamedly biased. But, good luck to the actors who have put in a tremendous amount of work and thanks to WoW for the support - to infinity and................

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