Monday, 14 May 2012

Sinister Synchronicity

Propping up the bar in The Attic with Peter Hooton and Tom Watson MP following the fantastic event on Phone Hacking with Tom, Rebecca leighton and Graham Johnson, I gave a (slightly drunken) thought to the weirdness of the timing of some of the events around the festival which keep coinciding with our events.  We planned all the Titanic stuff, that much is obvious, but had no idea that the phone hacking event on the Sunday would be preceded on the Thursday and Friday with Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooked (Lol) being grilled by Leveson.

And then, this morning, the day before our event on Bloody Sunday and the Children of Conflict, and after a great night in croxteth looking at Derry 2013, this video report appears on The Guardian website, featuring one of our guests for Tuesday night, Eamonn McCann, talking about the problems of the dissident group,, The RAAD (Resident Action Against Drugs), that is targeting young men involved (allegedly) in drugs and either shooting them or forcing them into exile outside of Derry. It's well worth a watch and you should get yourself along to the Blacke-E on Tuesday 15th, 7pm, to hear Eamonn and Phil Scraton discuss all the why's and wherefores of the whole issue.

Click here for details about the Bloody Sunday event.

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