Thursday, 10 May 2012

Time flies when you're having fun

What day is it? Thursday. OK, so it's 99% and Peter Hitchens. Well yes, but no. Hitchens has pulled out. Was he frit?  In fairness he warned us from the start that often urgent stories came up and he may well have to cancel at short notice. So no, I don't think he was scared off by us or our esteemed panellists Danny Dorling and Lyndsey German (who are both still coming and expect to see you there). Shame, but there you go - proof again that WoW is a living festival.

Highlights? The War Tour - Brian Turner was something else- not someone standing and reading poetry, but someone who seems to embody their work within them, in such a way that, like a plucked string on a musical instrument, their words seem to reverberate long after they have been spoken. 'Here, bullet' has the force of a bullet, and is still bouncing around the inside of my skull.

Another highlight - 'Spare Rib to Slutwalks'. A very strong panel representing many and varied aspects and attitudes of the women's movement. No space here to get into detail, but I felt that what it achieved more than anything was a space where potentially conflicting views - pornography would be the best example - could be aired and argued, without the feeling that anyone would put themself outside of the women's movement. A lesson for the left, I feel, which offers little space for that at the moment.

I'm sitting on the couch (working from home, honest) watching ex-News of the World editor and ex-communications advisor to David Cameron, Andy Coulsen , being grilled at the Leveson inquiry. I'm not a praying man, but.....please Lord, take him away in handcuffs :).

An unlikely event I think, but you do not want to miss Tom Watson MP, Rebecca
Leighton and Graham Johnson on Sunday in the Black-E at 6pm. I've just read Watson' 'Dial M for Murdoch', and it is sensational. Did you know that a few years back the Police conducted a raid on a desk of a NOTW journalist at the HQ in Wapping. Such was the response of the NOTW the Police had to retreat in fear of their own safety. By the time they returned a number of items had been removed by staff so the Police couldn't get hold of them.

Unlike the rioters, etc. that didn;t make front page news. Wonder why?

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