Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Anders Breivik - self defence & Multiculturalism

Anders Breivik admits killing 77 people but pleads not guilty on the grounds of “pre-emptive self defence,”. I don't think he should be on a public trial in the way it is being conducted in Norway - to determine whether he should be jailed for life in a mainstream prison or in a mental institute.

He has pleaded guilty. Some form of panel of experts should deal with the rest. He is clearly loving his role and the resultant publicity. Being declared mentally unfit would rob him of his desire to claim some form of status as a political prisoner. I'd support anything that strips him of that delusion.

His argument that the young people he killed were targets because they, in the future, would have careers in the political spectrum where they too would exercise tolerance, is stunning, frightening and bizarre; a sick and tragic twist on the Philip K. Dick's Minority Report (or the Tom Cruise film if you prefer).

This issue looks set to be one of the most important of our time, more so as the economy stumbles from crisis to crisis. Here's an article whch deals with the issue in some detail: From Multiculturalism to Interculturalism: A Reply to the British Political Elite. And of course, you can come along to WoW's Rebel Rant, 'Multiculturalism or Muscular Liberalism' with Benjamin Zephaniah on Tuesday 1st May. Click here for details.

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